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Etchings Press Chapbook Contests in Poetry and Prose

Etchings Press, a student-run publisher at University of Indianapolis, invites submissions for its fourth annual chapbook contest. This year, UIndy students will consider chapbook submissions of 15-40 pages in poetry or prose. Collaborative works (two or more authors) are eligible, as are mixed-genre works. The winners in poetry and in prose will receive a $200 honorarium and 15 copies of the published chapbook

Previous winners:

2017: Uncle Harold’s Maxwell House Haggadah by Danny Caine (poetry) and The Denialist’s Almanac of American Plague and Pestilence by Christopher Mohar (fiction)

2016: Some Animals by Kelli Allen (poetry), #lovesong by Chelsea Biondolillo (mixed media), and pathetic by Shannon Mound (nonfiction)

2015: Ologies by Chelsea Biondolillo (nonfiction) and The Velocity of Slugs by Joey Connelly (poetry)

2014: Static: Stories by Frederick Pelzer (fiction) and Action at a Distance by Christopher Petruccelli (poetry) 

UIndy graduate and undergraduate students will read the submitted manuscripts and choose a winner in poetry and in prose. The students will then edit, design, publish and promote the chapbooks. 


Students are interested in editing and publishing books from authors in our region. The students are using the 370 miles between Flannery O’Connor’s Milledgeville, Georgia, and William Faulkner’s Oxford, Mississippi, as the relative mileage for a regional literature. Using UIndy’s campus on the southside of Indianapolis as a starting point, that distance makes a circle which includes all of Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, most of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, and parts of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Arkansas, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and even Ontario. To see if you're eligible for submission, please see the circle on the map.

 Contest Details

  1. Please submit chapbook manuscripts in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction using the Submittable content submissions manager for Etchings. You will be prompted to create a free user account that will allow you to submit your manuscript and monitor its status. 
  2. Please submit your manuscript as a single file and include a title page (without name) and a table of contents. We ask that your name be removed from the manuscript for blind reading.
  3. Manuscripts should be 15 to 40 pages in length (up to 10,000 words in fiction and nonfiction).
  4. Collaborative works (two or more authors) are eligible. Mixed-genre works are also eligible. 
  5. For fiction and nonfiction, a single piece or multiple pieces can be submitted (multiple flash pieces, thematically connected pieces, etc.).
  6. The manuscripts or authors must have a connection to the geographic area shown on the map.
  7. Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Indianapolis will read all entries and choose a winner in poetry and in prose to publish. Students will then edit, design, publish and promote each winning book.
  8. Winners will be notified in March, 2018. Chapbooks will be released and available for sale in May, 2018.
  9. The reading fee is $8 (payable via submittable.com)
  10. The deadline is January 29, 2018. 
  11. Alumni and current students of University of Indianapolis and former students of its faculty are not eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Whiteacre at whiteacree@uindy.edu or visit our website at http://blogs.uindy.edu/etchings/


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