UIndy students faculty, staff, and alumni submit visual materials under this category for our Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine

We use a blind submission process, and we appreciate your help with this process:

  • Submit up to 5 pieces of graphic art in .tiff format. 
  • Please make sure that your files are at least 600 ppi for color and 300 ppi for black/white.
  • Please submit a separate form for each graphic (so, up to 5 forms/submissions for the essay category--it's OK to only include your bio and writer's statement on your first form).
  • Please include only 1 image/piece in a file. 
  • UNLESS you are requesting the editors to review a series. All pieces in a series should be included together (in the order you wish them to be viewed) in the same file.
  • Please do not include your name inside your file or as part of your file's name. Label your file with the submission title.
  • When you upload your file(s), please use the file's name.
  • Please share the size and medium of your piece.
  • Please include a bio (no more than 100 words) that you'd love to see published in our magazine! Here's a link to our last issue. For examples, check out the "Contributor Bios" at the back of the magazine (p. 83):  https://issuu.com/etchingspress/docs/etchings31.1issuufrfinal.
  • We encourage you to to submit an artist's statement (no more than 100 words) for your piece as well. This option offers you an opportunity to put your piece into context. Here are past statements:

Example Artist's Statements

"Helicopter Detail" [photograph], Paul Anderson: "Another photo from Summer 2018.  This is a closeup of an acrylic painting dripped on glass, with black ink and water.  The blue sky and brown hills were brushed on the opposite side. The painting depicts the horror of the bombing in Syria. The panel measures 1 ft. by 2 ft.  The detail section is about 5" by 5"."

"Cradle" [sculpture], Harley Engleking: "Inspired by Newton's Cradle, I put my own spin on the mechanism by taking a more natural approach to the materials. I collected found wood from areas spanning between my hometown of Seymour, all the way up to the university's campus. I assembled the structure using natural jute embellished with wooden beads. The goal of this piece was to juxtapose my assemblage of natural materials with the mechanism's usual stainless steel structure."

"The You that Makes You Happy" [illustration], Jessica Marvel: "Everyone is looking to find the place where we belong, and find out who we are. Over the summer, I really got to know some great people in the furry fandom that helped me to get out of my shell. These pieces, portraits of the human and their furry characters, are basically love letters to the fandom. Thanking them for helping me to discover myself, and hoping that others can do the same as well. A lot of people tend to give the furry community a bad wrap because of the sexual stuff that comes with it, but it's just like any other community only filled with sweet and interesting individuals. All of these were done with virtual art over the course of many hours."

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.